Hongyu Mao – Ondernemer slachtoffer

My pain and my loss of life

I used to be the owner of a shoe shop inside the Ridderhof Winkelcentrum where I witnessed the deadly shooting massacre as no one else , together with other store-owners and customers on April 9, 2011.

Two very kind people and customers were shot and murdered cold blooded in my shop by Tristan van der Vlis and I shall never forgive or forget this. One poor soul died immediately and the other was seriously injured.

My neighbor, the kind and very friendly lady Margriet ter Haar was murdered (shot dead) just in front of my shop and eyes! This massacre has cast a long shadow over my life. Four months later  i was forced to close my shop and left the Ridderhof. The Mayor , Police and Ministry of Security and Justice all have dual interests that keeps them from accepting the responsibility that should be done as soon as possible! There was NO maintaining of permits and / or a process of safeguarding our lives, the police made ridiculous mistakes and forget to protect us.

Files disappear, PDF files are destroyed, the mayor keeps telling us to forget and go on with our lives?? Nothing has been done for me and the mayor keeps telling these stories that everyone has been helped?? He has my data and I was never called or looked at..I want people to hear the truth..i am a hardworking businessman who does honest business. My business went broke because of this massacre, the police did nothing in order to avoid this bloodbath form happening.

They are fully responsible, stop this cover up! Let us in Holland get justice…I am faced with the emotional and financial loss everyday Please Holland help us win our case against the powers that created this injustice and were corrupted by simply denying and lying to us , the victims. I want my simple and honest life back, we want the truth to be acknowledged…take your responsibility Politie Hollands Midden and Ministerie van Veiligheid & Justitie!

Please see the truth and help us fight for it. We are almost 4 years later in life and nobody still helps us, except Orlando Kadir. Help us all, let us fight for justice in this country.

Slachtoffer anoniem